The Super Dope Podcast

Super Dope friends and guests have elevated conversations in the Metaverse. We talk about NFT’s, the Blockchain, and growing through this Super Dope human experience called life. Our goal is to educate, elevate and empower individuals with non-fungible knowledge & plugged-in perspectives on NFTs, Meta Dope Shit, and an attitude of gratitude. Come listen, learn, laugh, and level up with us on the Supe Dope Podcast.

Meet The Hosts

Albert | Cryptovert

Creator of The Super Dope Adventure Club, The NFT Insight, and co-host of The Super Dope Podcast, a best-selling author, consultant, educator, and overall NFT ninja with an unquenchable thirst to learn, grow and share.

Albert has been educating and simplifying Blockchain technology since 2018 and is sought after for his ability to help others to understand the complexities of NFTs and crypto. Having worked with major players and projects in the NFT and blockchain ecosystem. Albert is focused on elevating others through knowledge and bringing to life real-world utility and physical experiences powered by non-fungible tokens.

James | Pips

James is a Master Technical Analyst, founder of Precision Investment Partners, an NFT consultant, and the co-host of The Super Dope Podcast. James is a visionary with love and devotion for the community that goes far beyond self-gain.

James is known as an educator and uses his mastery of financial markets and blockchain technologies to empower and elevate others.

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